Denver Catholic Engaged Encounter

** COVID-19 Update **

Currently the Denver CEE community does not have any retreats planned for the year 2022. We advise couples to consult with their priest as to the best way to fulfill premarital prerequisite.

What is Catholic Engaged Encounter (CEE)?

Catholic Engaged Encounter is a national and international organization dedicated to bringing engaged couples closer together than they have ever been. It provides couples an opportunity to gain the social tools and techniques that will help them succeed in marriage. CEE uses a tried and true method that has been successful for over 30 years and has gained approval from the Vatican, along with hundreds of Dioceses from all over the world.

As an engaged person, a CEE retreat allows you to identify and discuss several important topics with your fiancé(e) to prepare for a healthy, Christ-centered marriage. The CEE Weekend offers you a deeper connection with your fiancé(e) while considering the needs and uniqueness of your particular relationship.

What is Denver CEE?

We are the chapter of CEE serving the Archdiocese of Denver and surrounding areas. Our team consists of a group of volunteers who dedicate their time and efforts towards providing talks on CEE Weekend Retreats, praying for engaged couples and striving to become holy and faith-filled witnesses for Christ and His Church.

If you are an engaged couple, please look at information on attending a weekend or jump straight to registration information. Although our retreats are centered around a Catholic perspective, both Catholic and non-Catholic engaged couples are welcome to attend. The retreat weekend satisfies the "life skills" marriage preparation requirement in the Archdiocese of Denver.

If you are a Catholic priest or married couple, we offer numerous volunteer opportunities.

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